A Step by Step System to Clean Your Home Like a Professional Residential House Cleaner

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Having a system in place will help the average homeowner clean their home faster and more efficiently. As an owner of a large cleaning company in Ocean County NJ I’ve often been asked how is it that our cleaners are able to be in and out of their home in less than 2 hours. Customer’s state it takes them all day on a Saturday to clean and it doesn’t look half as good as the way the cleaners do it? The reality is that a professional house cleaner is in the home to do a job. Cleaners aren’t distracted by request from children, the house phone ringing, the dog needing to go out and so on. If you were to be able to put all distractions aside the other reason cleaners are able to still able to move more rapidly with great quality is having the right tools and a system to follow.

Having the right tools to clean can really help in saving time and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. First you should separate the tools needed for wet areas of the home (bathroom & kitchen) and for the dry areas. A good cleaning tote that can hold your chemicals, sponges, brushes and other accessories will help. In this tote keep a few rags to use to shine, dry and buff. In a separate tote keep you dry tools such as vacuum attachments, polish spray, Windex and some microfiber cloths. A bottle with water and vinegar will also be just as efficient as polish and Windex while being better for the environment. In this bucket have a nice wooly for doing corners of walls, fans and high dusting. Lastly having two separate vacuums will really assist in better quality and faster speed. A good canister to vacuum hard surface floors, stairs, furniture and corners will be much more efficient than an upright with tools and easier to carry. You can purchase the Hoover CH30000 for less than hundred dollars and it should last forever. A powerful upright like the Hoover C1404 or Oreck XL2000 will save time in vacuuming carpet as they’re strong machines that are light and easy to operate.

Now that you have your tools to clean this is a quick system that should really help in reducing time and keeping your home white glove clean:

  1. Begin with you Lambswool Duster in the top floor of the home and begin going from room to room to dust all corners of walls, behind furniture, fans, high light fixtures. End in the kitchen. Doing this first allows all dust to settle. Very important when using the duster and whenever dusting to work from top to bottom to allow dust to settle. As your high dusting carry a bag to empty all trash cans.
  2. Next grab your wet tote and head off to the bathrooms. The dust has had a chance to settle. Empty everything on the floor and put it outside the door. Vacuum the floor with you small canister vacuum as this will assist when you need to scrub the floor for small hairs.
  3. Begin with the scrubbing the sink first. Then wash the mirror, counters and dry the sink. Important to follow this order as if you do the mirror first and then the sink when you’re scrubbing your sink the water will go back on the mirror and you’ll waste time redoing the mirror. Use a toothbrush occasionally around corners and faucets to loosen any built up dirt.
  4. Proceed to the shower area. Empty it, wash off ledges for dust to fall to bottom and if you have shower doors get inside the tub to do them first. Proceed then by scrubbing the walls, faucet and basin. Dry and clean outside bottom basin or shower door.
  5. Proceed to all fixtures on the walls to dust and wipe down.
  6. Proceed to the toilet to scrub inside bowl and outside. Again use a toothbrush around corners. Don’t forget to dust toilet tissue holder.
  7. Wipe down all doors
  8. Lastly wipe floor from furthest point toward door. Use a scrub brush occasionally to loosen up dirt and for larger floors a good deck brush will speed the process.
  9. Head to next bathroom and powder room following same system. When complete leave the wet tote in the kitchen and head back to bedroom areas with your dry tote.
  10. Begin dusting the rooms moving left to right and top to bottom. Move around each room lifting everything possible to remove all dust. Dust each floor and then take your small canister vacuum to vacuum in areas that the larger vacuum can’t reach. Every other month try to wipe all baseboards with a damp cloth and crevice the corners with the vacuum to prevent dust buildup. Take the upright vacuum out to complete the vacuuming for that level of the house. If hard surfaces throughout home, small vacuuming the floor under beds and then mop.
  11. Follow same procedure now in all living areas. Dust first the entire living area again left to right top to bottom. Finish off with vacuuming. Every other month try to vacuum furniture and under cushions.
  12. Head off to the kitchen for completion.
  13. Every other month begin with wiping down kitchen cabinets.
  14. Head to the stove to clean. If the microwave is above the stove wipe it down first so as debris falls it isn’t going on a stove already cleaned. If filters under microwave take out every other month to wipe and clean. This helps the fan work better when cooking. Wipe down stove and take off knobs if possible to clean and soak if necessary.
  15. Next wipe all counters down moving everything to get behind that is possible. Clean toaster, spice racks, front of refrigerator (grill also) by wiping down. Also wipe down tables and chairs.
  16. Fill mopping bucket and then clean your sink. Again use a toothbrush periodically to loosen dirt. Dry sink.
  17. Vacuum kitchen floor
  18. Mop the floor from furthest corner to the exit area. Empty bucket in slop sink and clean. Head back to put everything back and you’re complete!

Following this system should save a tremendous amount of time and assist in having a clean home all the time. As for following a schedule for when to give extra attention to different areas of the home divide the home into four different cleaning zones:

  1. Living Area
  2. Bathroom Area
  3. Sleeping Area
  4. Kitchen Area

Each clean try to pay extra attention to these area’s and you’ll notice you’re cleaning like a professional at top speeds! If this doesn’t work you can always contact The Cleaning Authority of south Jersey or any other around the country and enjoy your free time!

House Cleaners – Things to Consider Before Hiring One

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When you are considering hiring house cleaners, getting organised is a very important step as well as establishing your cleaning needs and the size of your budget.

You should know whether they specialize in residential support or business cleaning before contacting your cleaning representative. Corporate contracts differ from having your household under service and homes may be just a sideline.

You may conduct a hobby on your premises where you work with unique substances, make sure you inform a potential vendor. Chemicals or other out of the ordinary materials that may be in an area of service will require identification.

A private home may need special cleaning products to avoid sensitivity or medical issues with the occupants. The company you hire will need to know about exceptional factors. Some cleaning products may be a catalyst for physical reactions in some people. Ask the vendor what solvents and equipment they use.

You should state the types of cleaning hoped-for. Beside you can determine if the company does deep carpet cleaning in addition to vacuuming.

Ask about the tools of the trade. Updated equipment makes an efficient use of electricity and water. Utilities used in partnership with the equipment is part of your expense sheet.

Personnel is an aspect that means some detailed questions on your part. Residential and company properties have insurance policies and so should you should have. Determine how a worker is covered if they suffer an injury. Speak with your insurance representative to see what liability you may incur.

Ask to be informed about hard to reach windows on higher stories, gutters on a roof, and even changing light bulbs and fixtures that may be 20-30 feet overhead. Show yourself concerned about what type of safety equipment and procedures they use in the conduct of their profession.

A reputable company will welcome all your questions, willingly provide a client list of satisfied customers, and offer detailed information about their personnel and equipment. Finally, you should ask them if they can think of a question that you did not pose but perhaps should have asked.

Selecting the proper cleaners together with a good preparation will maximise your ability to shine.


Tips For Cleaning Tile Floors With a Busy Mom Lifestyle

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You’ve got baseball practice, dance lessons, tutoring, and a full time job. The last thing a busy mom wants to think about is cleaning tile floors-rather, you’d just assume collapse on the couch and take a breath. The good news is that you don’t have to slave over this process. Cleaning tile floors can be very simple with the right tips and resources. So read on and let out that sigh of relief. Everything is going to be okay.

Preemptive Strike: As always, taking precautions to avoid staining is the best advice given when cleaning tile floors. There is no need to clean what isn’t dirty, right? Though it seems like a rather common sense sort of idea, one of the best tips I can give you is to put rugs or mats at the entrances of your doorways, and in high traffic areas of the floor. Muddy shoes will cause staining, no doubt. More importantly, however, you don’t want water damage on your tile or grout. Cleaning tile floors particularly in colder months is important if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Place those mats at entrances to avoid snow buildup on your tile, or the harsh melting salts from causing damage to the tile or grout.

Accidents Happen: It’s lunchtime, and absolute chaos around the kitchen table. We’ve all been there. Billy decides he wants something from his sister’s plate, reaches over, and his grape juice is all over the floor. You shriek in terror, fearing for your tan ceramic tile-and even more so for your spotless white grout. Another great tip for cleaning tile floors comes in handy here: when a spill does occur, make sure to blot the liquid rather than wiping it up. This will prevent the stain from spreading and soaking into a larger surface. Take a damp cloth and blot it until the majority of the stain comes up. Remember that tile, and particularly grout is a very porous material-so it is vital that you act immediately. Just remember to stay calm, and to breathe.

The Point of No Return: If your busy lifestyle has left your floors unattended, or if perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home that was left with lackluster floors, you may need to call in for backup. Cleaning tile floors can be a simple process with little headache when you find the right contractor. They will be able to determine the best course of action for your flooring-whether that is to clean the grout with specialty equipment, replace certain tiles, or completely regrout your flooring. What is the best part about this method for cleaning tile floors? You only have to lift a finger-to dial the telephone. Take the morning off while the kids are at school. Let the professionals handle it. You won’t have to worry about keeping the kids out of the way while working with messy grout, and cleaning tile floors is so much easier after a contractor performs the proper sealing methods. This means less work for you in the future.

As you can see, cleaning tile floors isn’t all that bad when you take the proper precautions, act quickly and calmly in the face of accidents, and understand the value of a trusted contractor. With a little help you can find more time for you in the midst of a busy lifestyle, and spend a bit more time with the kids.