The Certified Green Sustainability Contractor Standard Is Here

I have owned or operated cleaning businesses for almost thirty years.  I have seen cleaning methods change, and the introduction of an endless supply of new cleaning chemical products and applicators come on to the market. Each product or method has a sales pitch or gimmick. How are contractors or our end users able to differentiate what works and what doesn’t? The only way to tell is to use the product or process and look at the end result.

There is a new challenge for building operators. There is the new push for being “green” and “sustainable” in all aspects of our operations. The problem is that some products are being called green because they are in a recycled bottle or use less toxic (but not safe) cleaning chemicals or are less detrimental to the environment. There are many different definitions of green cleaning. How are cleaning contractors and their clientele able to determine what truly is “green”?

In Canada there is now a program called the Canadian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP). The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA) has developed this comprehensive management and operations program to help standardize the cleaning industry from coast-to-coast. The philosophy for this program is “A new standard for Canadians…by Canadians”.

Let’s look at the definition of the word “sustainable” created by the World Commission on Environment and Development- “Forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

There are many definitions for “green cleaning” but the definition most followed is “cleaning that cause less harm to human health and the environment when compared to other competing products and services.”

The new Standard created by the CSSA hopefully will create a common ground that all manufacturers, distributors, retailers, contractors and end users will be able to relate to. I have looked at programs created by people like IFMA and BOMA and their green sustainability seems to focus on everything from energy and water reduction to site location and building envelope. But I have yet to see an outline on how to perform sustainable green cleaning.

While my company was making the necessary changes in our standard operating procedures to be compliant with the new CGSP standard we had to look at several subjects that included:

  • An understanding of LEED and third party accreditation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Products and procedures
  • Waste management
  • Company policies  (including procurement)
  • Auditing the system

Third Party accreditation is a very important aspect of this program. The two programs that are recognized by the new standard are Ecologo and Green Seal. The products used should be certified by one of these organizations and have their logo if such a product is available.  We have had no problem finding general purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, carpet cleaners and floor finishes that have the required certifications.  This CSSA program is a good way to get prepared for LEED certification.

Should products used not be available with Ecologo or Green Seal Certification then they must be low VOC and scent free wherever possible. These are two aspects of cleaning solutions and processes that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

There are three areas of concern that impact indoor air quality under this program:

  • Microbial contaminates
  • Airborne particulate
  • Gases

Microbial contaminates covered under this program are moulds and bacteria. The main procedure used to prevent mould growth is moisture control. If there is no moisture, mould cannot grow. Microfiber made of polyester or polyamide fiber hold about seven times their weight in water and allow for cleaning at the microscopic level. Microfiber mops allow significant reduction in the amount of moisture used while cleaning and reduces the collateral damage caused by reckless use of regular string mops.

Particulate control can be greatly improved by changing vacuums to true HEPA vacuums. There is a big difference between HEPA vacuums and vacuums using HEPA filters. HEPA vacuums are tested to ensure that soils being introduced into the vacuum system actually pass through the HEPA media and are captured by the filter. A HEPA vacuum must trap 99.97% of particulate 0.3 microns in size or larger.

Floor scrubbers and floor sanders must be fitted so that particulate is kept to a minimum. We use machines capable of being attached to HEPA vacuums.

Company policies and auditing the company’s procedures are other essential components of the program. We have found that many of our cleaning staff are reluctant to change cleaning products. Some of their reasons have been interesting. Some cleaners have complained that the new cleaning products don’t foam.  They state that they didn’t believe that non-foaming products worked as well as ones that do. Many other cleaners have complained that the new products don’t work as well as the old ones. They state that they put more cleaning solution in and it still doesn’t work.  Well many of the cleaners  are automatically dispensed or don’t require a heavy dilution. This runs contrary to what many cleaners believe to be true-that more cleaning solution is better. Unfortunately the opposite is true with many products-the more concentrate put in the worse it works. Training your staff in proper product usage is absolutely essential. Monitoring what is being used is also important.

Finally is waste reduction. We have created a recycling policy and it’s amazing how much recycling we have accomplished. This includes rags, paper and bottles.

Our company Fresh and Clean has just become the first company in Canada to be a Certified Green Sustainability Contractor under the new program. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. We had many policies in place that already met the new standard. We had to change quite a few. But the net result will be that our customers’ sites will be cleaned safer and actually end up cleaner.

The main things we learned preparing for the program and standard were that microfiber cleans better than regular cloth, HEPA vacuums greatly reduce airborne particulate and that microfiber mops reduce moisture and that in turn reduces microbial growth.

The new CSSA program also has another aspect that deals specifically with the building management.

That will be left for another day.

Locating Concrete Cleaning Services

Concrete cleaning can be seriously, really rough and without doubt stressful. On a frequent basis we go walking on concrete floors not even minding the marks and dirt we put onto these routes. We mindlessly forget the importance of the concrete passage built for us to have a far better way to have. Many persons stroll through solidified roads along with brick, quite possibly sticking chewing gums on these floor surfaces, that can add more trouble in cleaning up. Many people have never wondered about precisely how the immense buildup of filth on these concrete floors can be, nor have they considered just how these floors are kept neat and tidy. Frequently, many people forget to realize that cleaning concrete will involve a rigid and exhausting approach, that ought to

The typical home products for concrete cleaning have their own risks though. The previous persons could have their own remedies to the cement troubles nevertheless these cleaning chemical agents have been identified to be dangerous to the atmosphere and also to the individual who works by using these. Checking out the labels on these items, you will discover that they are made from hazardous substances, together with TSP (trisodium phosphate), hydrochloric acid (HCL), together with chlorine bleach.

TSP is a strong chemical agent that can cause skin burns if you get into direct contact with the chemical. Phosphates from TSP can bring about an incident called algal bloom where by the algae can take in a large amount of oxygen in waters killing other marine animals. toxic. It could lead to breathing problems, chest pains, and throwing up, among others. This element is able to cause coughing, chest pains, and sickness in afflicted individuals.

Moreover, HCL adds up to the collection of the dangerous occurrence called acid rain. The element is harsh to the skin and mucous membranes. In the meantime, the chlorine bleach, which will result in ozone layer depletion that adds up to climatic change, can irritate the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. When these chemicals are inhaled, the individual may experience breathing problems. With such results on the hazard of these widely used chemical agents, we have to have other cleaning means that can be eco-friendly and are now easily available. Cleaning ought not to only be pleasing for the outcome, but should also be safe for your health and for the environment. Rather, the procedure entailed in completing the work should likewise be safe and sound for the overall health for the sake of the those people tasked to handle the project.

With the use of harmless agents, concrete cleaning becomes a less harmful procedure. By making use of only environment friendly choices, concrete cleaning can be a task that will not include jeopardizing the healthiness of persons. When looking for concrete cleaners, be sure you find service providers who have the capabilities to cope with assorted complex situations of cleanup challenges. Several highly trained cleaners use elements that will help them thoroughly clean interlocking bricks which have turned out to be discolored and have absolutely lost their original color because of external and severe environmental aspects including weather and oxidation.

By employing concrete cleaners that make use of risk-free cleaning solutions, you can have the guarantee that you are not only acquiring first-rate services. Essentially replacement, you are additionally making sure that that you are not placing the community at an increased risk. In selecting such companies, look for proof of specialized and first-rate service, especially a professional that has been in the industry for several years. By acquiring their solutions, it is certain of top quality and eco-friendly services. Once you obtain the options they give, you could acquire services relevant to accomplish solid outcomes and, even more important, you can help ensure that the natural environment is shielded from chemical problems.

Get The Best Accident Lawyer

There are soft tissue injuries that people can sustain if they lose their footing on a slippery floor. It is one’s legal right to launch a complaint and demand compensation if the premises had not indicated that the floor is slippery. Most slips occur when the floor finishing is highly polished. They also occur when the floor cleaning is in progress. The cleaning agents make the floor slippery. There are other accidents that may happen because of unexpected circumstances in a building such as a damaged floor. In these instances, the management should put notices around the building notifying guests to be aware of slippery floor. It also applies to injury sustained due to bad conditions of a given property.

Once you have slipped and established the fault was on the management side, you need to get yourself a slip injury lawyer. This is also true for property owners being sued for injury caused by negligence. Getting a lawyer who specializes as a slip injury lawyer will be a positive step towards justice. Injury lawyers can also be referred to us personal injury lawyers. This is because the injuries one sustains during the slip might cause psychological or physical injury to a person.

There are three main types of slips accidents.

1. The first one is trip and fall accident. This is when one topples over an object placed on a walk way and falls. The object is usually left there by negligence.

2. The second one is stump and fall: In this type of accident, there must be an introduction of additional infrastructure on the road like power cables and there is no notification to alert people of its existence.

3. In the third type of accident: The complainant slips and falls due to slippery floor. The surface might have become slippery because of a lubricating substance such as grease or washing detergent.

A slip lawyer is there to guide you in how to register a formal complaint, provide guidance on the law procedure prior to the application and handles the resulting suit. Any lawyer should make sure you have all the necessity evidence to back your claims for a strong case. For this reason, one should hire an accident lawyer whose reputation is beyond reproach. The lawyer should be able to argue the right of the plaintiff for compensation or for the defendant in such case where they are the client.

Slip lawyers can be found online. The internet is the most effective way of locating slip lawyers. Most firms advertise their services online. One can go through the firm’s profile and get to know of its performance. One can also view the lawyer’s qualifications and experience. The lawyer should be seasoned to handle these cases to a positive conclusion.

Background knowledge about the lawyer would help one understand, among other things, the ability of the lawyer to effectively represent clients in the courtroom. The lawyer should be able to rate the injury and determine the compensation amount one should claim. The lawyer should be able to represent his client effectively should the defendant decide for an out of court settlement. The online service provides one with the convenience of applying for their services online and even book an appointment with the lawyers.